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Negotiating with startups is confusing

There are endless terms that affect your pay: ISO, NSO, RSU, QSBS, 409a, AMT, 83b... 🤦

In fact, Total Compensation is often the wrong way to evaluate your offer given illiquid equity.

Let's make it easier

We figure out your target comp, negotiation script, and how to value the business 🔍

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What people say:

"I consider myself a good negotiator, but this took me to the next level. So helpful to learn how to look more senior to the hiring manager.

I'll be using your questions and framing in every negotiation from now on."

Data engineer
Left Amazon for Series D startup

"I was skeptical until you offered guaranteed higher comp.

Then I did our call and it was obvious you're a pro. Especially loved the walk-through of what to say in different scenarios.

Would not be able to get 30% higher comp without this!

Product designer
Left Meta for Seed-stage startup

"Wish I did this sooner!

Was great to learn new frameworks for how to pick the right startup and negotiate for what matters most.

Ended with $70K increase in annual comp!"

Product manager
Left Stripe for Series B startup

"This is a superb resource for each stage of the startup job hunt, from strategy to negotiation.

Your responsiveness, commitment and tailored approach are stand-out."

Software engineer
Left Apple for Series A startup

"Got a $15K bump in base and higher equity!

I wouldn't have gotten here without you. Now, I will continue to negotiate, improve on the skill, and advocate for myself. Life-changing."

Product designer
Joined Pre-Seed startup

"Negotiating usually makes me nervous, especially with early-stage startups because there's such limited information online.

Our scripts and discussion got me a 20% higher offer. CEO was also impressed by my questions.

Best money I've spent in a long time."

Software engineer
Left Pinterest for Series A startup

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Full walk-through of offer terms
Negotiation strategy and script
Mock negotiations to prep for every scenario
Advice on equity (watch-outs, exercise, taxes)
How to upsell your value to leadership
Questions to value the business
Can start once you get close to a verbal offer

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